Our Advantages

NCS brings the plaintiff mindset to work for you! NCS has one focus – Recovery! NCS assertively and professionally pursues every avenue to recover your money, whether the loss is tort based or contractual. NCS leaves no stone unturned.
Representation in all aspects of subrogation and commercial matters for over 20 years.
• NCS understands the various liability statutes for each state and all vicarious liability laws in order to pursue every responsible party.
• NCS is well versed in contract language to overcome any argument an obligated party may raise in refuting payment.
• NCS knows how to sustain the demands upon an obligor until a final resolution is reached while upholding your integrity through us, and the dignity of the obligor or adverse party.
• NCS has dedicated teams in subrogation and commercial collections as part of our multilingual staff.
Members of the National List of Attorneys and Gold Sponsors of the National Association of Subrogation Professionals.
• Reduced Cycle Time
• 50% of the money NCS recovers are back in our client’s hands with 75 days.
• Increased Net results for our Clients
• Our clients experience on average a 25% net increase in recovered dollars, after our contingency fees.
• Remember, our payment is dependent on our success, so we only get paid when we recover your money!

Our Mission

Time is money. NCS knows that the sooner we make contact with the tortfeasor or debtor, the sooner productive dialogue commences, and the sooner your money is recovered. This is our single focus, and NCS has done it extremely well for 20 years. NCS can do it for you!






Our Philosophy

The experienced professionals at NCS know that every payment received is the result of successful communication.

Our recovery professionals are assertive, fair, consistent, tenacious and resourceful. NCS operates with tact and respect to remove any emotional barriers to payment in the shortest time possible.

With decades of experience and consistent investments in technology and human capital, NCS recovers what rightfully belongs to your business while upholding the integrity and ethics of our organization, and the image and honor of yours.

SOC 1 Audited SOC 1 Complient


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