NCS is a one-stop, full service Subrogation and Commercial Collection company


NCS is proud to have a Dunn & Bradstreet independent evaluation ratio of 96% when it comes to customer satisfaction.

• We bring the plaintiff mindset to work for you
• Over two decades of delivering results
• Dedicated Tort & Subrogation Recovery Teams
• Dedicated Commercial Collection Teams
• Higher ‘Net Back’ on your recoveries
• State of the Art Technology
• Multi Lingual Staff
• Excellent Research and Skip Trace Department
• Exceptional Mediation and Arbitration
• Licensed and Bonded Nationally
• FDCPA, HIPAA, and PCI Compliant

Areas of Expertise

Trust, Insurance, and Bonds

Tort & Subrogation Recovery

• Auto – Commercial Trucking and Private Passenger
• Uninsured Motorist
• Property – Including Inland Marine / Cargo
• Closed File Reviews
• Workers Compensation
• Construction Defect

Commercial Collections

• Fidelity / Surety Bonds
• Construction Lien Collections
• Pharmaceutical Billings
• Liability Deductibles
• Unpaid Premium Loss


NCS is extremely proud of its experienced and dedicated In-House Legal Department. All Litigation matters for clients’ accounts are addressed here, providing seamless transition when litigation is necessary and beneficial. From inception to Judgment, our legal team is on the case.

Increased ‘Net Back’

The contingency rate charged is nowhere near as important as the overall recovery efficiency and service provided. Sure, you will find recovery services at a fraction of the price, be prepared for fractional results as well.

The side-by-side comparison below demonstrates why the rate your organization pays on every dollar recovered will not necessarily be reflected in your ‘Net-Back.’ The ‘Net Back’ reflects your actual return following the expertise, tenacity, and experience we apply to recover more for you. NCS leaves no stone unturned, we explore every avenue available to recover more dollars. NCS consistently recovers more for our clients compared to other Recovery Companies they have used.

Agency B
Amount Collected
Contingency Fee


At a glance contracting with Agency B seems to make sense because of their low rate; the less they charge the more you get back. However, when you take into account all the extra services and resources at NCS' disposal you will find that the overall recovery and more importantly, your ‘Net Back’ is greater. That is the difference our experience, knowledge, and skill makes. NCS’ results are measurable, reliable, and consistent!


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